Artist’s Gallery

This page includes samples of all of the artist’s work.  To find out about original artwork available for purchase, please refer to the appropriate page.

Artist’s prints, on selected pieces, are available in various sizes.  Prices vary and include an acid free mat, but does not include shipping.  Contact the artist for details.

2017-sunflower 2017-39-jaguar

2017-cox-car-sk2017-cox-car-terrace2016-solitary-mount2016-garden-cactus2016 Cocky Rooster 2016 Rosy Cactus

2016 57 Chevy 2016 Cruisin' In My 57

2016 Resting In Shady Grove 2016 Hiding In Shady Grove 2016 Happy Feet

2016 Pica The Cat 2016 Kauai Rooster:JRH

2016 Ranunculus Trio

2106 Choc@Ice 2016 Ranunculus

2016 Pretty Poppies_new 2016 Kauai Rooster_new 2016 Enlightened Poppy_new 2016 Cherished Cheeries_new

2015-11-18 Red Converse Shoes_new

2015 Sunflower_new 2015 Nash Car_new 2015 Lonely Trucks II_new 2015 Light'er Up 58 Chevy_new 2015 Gramma's Kitchen_new 2015 GMC At Work 2015 Chevy At Work 2011_new 2015 Big Blue_new

_Mac in oil_new _Yellow Prickly Pear_new _Sunny Bowl_new _San Miguel Bar_new _Rustic Plant_new _Resting_2_new _Loose Poppies_new _Lonely Trucks_new _Icelandic Poppies_new

Wedding Shoes 11x15

Where Have They Gone 19x13

Field of Trucks 2014 13x19Mercury 2014 PU 10.5x8.5Bird of Paradise 2014 11x15steele2 steele1 St Hubertus 11x14 Rancho Casa Blanca 11x14 Quail 11x15 Old Car 11x14 Leopard Shoes 8x10 lemon IMG_2573 IMG_1594 8x10 IMG_1592 8x10 IMG_1195 IMG_1045 11.14 IMG_0911 11x14 IMG_0771 IMG_0770 IMG_0601_2 IMG_0600_2 IMG_0472_2 IMG_0403 IMG_0401 IMG_0338 IMG_0337 IMG_0336 IMG_0332 Bird of Paradise 2 14x11 apples 15X11 Converse Shoes 11x15 Shell Gas Pump 11x15 Rustico Beauty 11x15 Good Luck Opening 11x15 Cochella Palm Trees 11x15 Clematis 11x15 Banjo 11x14 Twinkies 11x14 Sunflower 11x14 London Booth 11x14 LaStella Winery 11X14 Gas Pump 11x14 Final 11x14 Final-4 11x14 Final-3 11x14 Final-2 11x14 Cantina 11x14 Cactus Flower 11x14 1950 Chevy Truck

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